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Why You Need to Train Your IT Team

According to Zig Ziglar, "the only thing worse than training employees and losing them is to not train them and keep them."

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GeekSpeak - Why Python?

How does one categorize programming languages? Well, there are many ways. Is the language statically typed or dynamically typed? Is it procedural, functional, or object oriented? Is the language interpreted or compiled?

One unorthodox, yet effective way of categorizing languages is to divide them into 1) those that teach how to write programs and 2) those in which one actually writes programs.

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Hadoop YARN

YARN is a large-scale, distributed operating system for big data applications, and it greatly enhances the power of a Hadoop compute cluster through scalability, compatibility with MapReduce, improved cluster utilization, and agility. Need YARN training? /training/etc's 2-day Developing Custom YARN Applications course teaches students how to develop custom YARN applications for Apache Hadoop. We are an integral member of the Hortonworks University Education team, bringing authorized Hortonworks Hadoop training to you. We are the ONLY provider of instructor-led classroom public Hortonworks Hadoop training available in North America.

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RHEL 7 is Here!

Looking for flexibility, certainty, and stability? Lucky for you Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Training is now available!

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