Atomic Host

FREE Seminar on 2/17 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Atomic Host 7.1 with Docker Containers

Join /training/etc for an insightful discussion and demonstration with Ivan Makfinsky, Red Hat Certified Architect and Red Hat Certified Instructor, Examiner, and Consultant.  

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Apache Pig Logo

GeekSpeak - Data Fu - Data WHO?

The GeekSpeak
The website for DataFu identifies it as a collection of libraries for working with large-scale data in Hadoop.

How that translates
Indeed! It's not so much that the GeekSpeak is hard to understand, but it doesn't really do DataFu justice. It really is a very useful "collection of libraries!"

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HD-ILT learning

The Flexibility of HD-ILT™ Training

Does the thought of taking a class remotely leave you feeling skeptical? If so, then you have probably never heard of High Definition Instructor Led Training (HD-ILT™). HD-ILT combines the advantages of remote training, with the virtual reality of being in the classroom with a live instructor.

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Internet of Things Graphic

NEW COURSE - Internet of Things

Estimates for Internet of Things (IoT) market value are massive, since by definition the IoT is an integrated and diffused layer of devices, sensors, and computing power that overlays entire consumer, business-to-business, and government industries.

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