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NEW COURSE - Docker Administration with RHEL Atomic Host (RH270)

Be one of the first students to take this brand new 3-day course that introduces the IT professional to the features and capabilities of Red Hat’s Atomic Host 7.1 operating system. We are offering a $100 savings for this class!

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What is Hadoop? - Why consider it?  What does it do?

The GeekSpeak
From the Apache website for Hadoop, we read that “the Apache Hadoop project develops open-source software for reliable, scalable, distributed computing.”

How that translates
To understand the GeekSpeak description of Hadoop, let’s start from the end and work our way backwards.  If we agree on what “computing” is, we can add on why we would want it to be distributed, scalable and reliable.

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HD-ILT learning

The Flexibility of HD-ILT™ Training

Does the thought of taking a class remotely leave you feeling skeptical? If so, then you have probably never heard of High Definition Instructor Led Training (HD-ILT™). HD-ILT combines the advantages of remote training, with the virtual reality of being in the classroom with a live instructor.

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Hadoop Webinars

Check out all upcoming opportunities to hear from the experts at Hortonworks.

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