UMBC Merger

UMBC Training Centers Announces Merger with /training/etc Inc.

BALTIMORE (July 14, 2015) - UMBC Training Centers, the mid-Atlantic's premier provider of technical, engineering and professional skills training, has announced a merger with /training/etc Inc., a leader in the design, development and delivery of content-rich Open Source technology training.

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Hortonworks Highlight - Hortonworks HDP Operations: Install and Manage with Apache Ambari

This 4-day course covers administration tasks for Hadoop 2.0 clusters. The course presents content related to the deployment lifecycle for a multi-node Hadoop cluster including: installation, configuration, monitoring, scaling and how Hadoop works with Big Data.

Class Dates - 8/10, 9/28, 11/16

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GeekSpeak - Hadoop Articles Written by our Hadoop Instructors

Our authors translate technical jargon into easy to read, informational articles about relevant Hadoop topics. Read about Hadoop, DataFu, Hive, Tez, YARN, and Pig.

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Join Us in Volunteering With the World Computer Exchange on 8/8

How do you learn something new? You may ask your family or friends. You may learn in school. You may Google it. But what if your family has not been educated, your school is remote and you have no Internet?

For learners living in such a situation, one answer is World Computer Exchange (WCE).

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