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Make the Right Choice with OpenShift

What are the benefits of OpenShift and what does it offer? Watch OpenShift in action in an interactive demo to see how you can accelerate your app development .

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Free SCRUM Techlite on 4/28 at Noon

SCRUMstudy certified professionals help organizations with improved level of project management that leads to increased ROI. Come hear from our SCRUM instructor about how SCRUM can cut waste and improve performance in your organization

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Hortonworks Certification

Hortonworks certifications establish that you are a trusted and valuable Apache Hadoop professional. These qualifications have been designed and developed by the leaders and core committers of Apache Hadoop so that you and the industry can be assured that the highest standards in the industry have been obtained.

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GeekSpeak - NoSQL

NoSQL refers to a number of different database technologies that were developed in response to the changing nature of data being created and stored. Data volume, the frequency of access, and the speed of creation are some primary drivers in increased interest in NoSQL.

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